Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use TempGuard Cylinders ?

In one word… Confidence !

You will get better and more realistic compression test results.  Your cylinders will be more representative of the concrete that was actually placed on the jobsite.

Do TempGuard Cylinders Meet ASTM Standards?

Yes. TempGuard cylinders meet ASTM C470, C31 and C192. Click here a copy of the C470 certification and other reference documents.

Are TempGuard Cylinders Re-usable ?

Yes, durable plastic liners make it easy to levitate the foam cylinder off the hardened concrete test cylinder. Simply inject compressed air into the cylinder. Each foam cylinder can be re-used up to 6 times.

How do TempGuard Cylinders save Money ?

TempGuard cylinders cost less per use than than regular, plastic cylinders.  Each cylinder is shipped with one liner set (side wall and bottom surfaces) and five extra sets, which allows each EPS foam mold to be used a total of six times.

There is no need to place them in a climate controlled curing box or to find an electrical outlet or batteries to power the curing box.  Meaning no need to even buy a curing box or to invest in the manpower and time to maintain one.

Do TempGuard Cylinders need to be treated differently than regular, plastic cylinders ?

TempGuard cylinders are sturdy and durable enough to be used like regular cylinders.  Caution must be used to avoid aggressive rodding which may dimple the inside bottom surface.  If the bottom inside surface is dimpled, simply use a rasp to remove the resulting protrusion before breaking the cylinder.

Do I need to use the lid that comes with them ?

Yes, the lid must be used to gain the insulation benefit and to minimize heat gain or loss due to ambient (usually job-site) temperature swings.

Do they need to placed in a Climate Controlled Curing Box to Work ?

No.  This will save you time, money and hassle of maintaining a curing box,

Can I use TempGuard cylinders year-round ?

Yes.  They work very well during the more extreme temperature conditions found in the winter and summer months.  However, they work equally well during moderate temperature conditions.

Can TempGuard cylinders be recycled ?

Yes. The cylinders are made from the same type of EPS ‘Styrofoam’ used in many other products.

Are TempGuard Cylinders patented ?

Yes. TempGuard cylinders have earned a patented designation with the US Patent Office.

Where can I buy them ?

Click here to place an order or click on the “Place an Order” tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen to place orders using either the credit card or purchase order (PO) options.  To use a PO you must first set up a Credit Account.  Download Eskimold Credit App.

Can I buy them from my current test equipment supplier?

Yes, click our List of Distributors to see who our trusted Distributors are.

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